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Shadows of Destiny deleted prolouge

Here is the prologue that I took out from my novel. I like it but I figured one prologue was enough (some people don't like any at all!)

Deep in the woods, hidden from the small Pennsylvanian town they were secretly stalking, the Maaylina gathered.

The sky was dark as usual and the clouds unfriendly but Cynthia was in a great mood. The beautiful blond woman stood and smiled at her followers; there were almost a dozen with her but she had left many behind to fulfill her mission.

They all sat there in the middle of the clearing, their green eyes staring up at her waiting for instruction. When she didn’t say anything a young brunette girl spoke up and asked “What are we to do now?”

Cynthia turned slowly towards the young, timid, girl “We wait.” she said with a smile.

“Wait for what, exactly?” another of the followers asked.

She turned to him, still smiling, as a bolt of lightning flashed in the sky behind her. It lit up the entire sky displaying the mountains in the far distance.

“Follow me.” She said simply.

They followed silently as she walked through the woods until they came to the edge of the forest just close enough to the see the parking lot of a high school.

“Look there.” Cynthia said as she pointed to three girls getting out of a black car. One was a beautiful blonde another a darker skinned girl and the last was a girl with dark red hair and green eyes.

“The one with red hair, she is to be one of us.”

The few people standing behind her were dead silent at this news, none knew what to think and certainly did not know what to say. After a moment of silence a young man with dark hair broke the silence “You know this for sure? She has the eyes, yes, but have her powers manifested themselves yet? The tellers have not spoken, have they?”

“The tellers have not spoken in months.” Cynthia responded quickly.

There was a slight mumbling amongst the crowd, this was unheard of.

“Then how do you know for sure?”

“Because it is her destiny. The tellers spoke of her fifteen years ago.”

Soon the murmuring calmed and everyone was silent waiting for Cynthia to explain. They were afraid to ask but she didn’t keep them waiting very long before she confirmed their assumption. “She is a descendant.”

The silence endured. As far as they knew that was impossible but if it is… What did this mean for them? for the girl?

After another minute the eldest boy spoke again and asked skeptically “She, truly, is to become one of us?”

Fore he knew how this sort of thing usually worked. The leader of the Maaylina would do whatever it took to keep their power, killing anyone who posed any sort of threat, and a descendant definitely qualified as a threat.

“Yes, of course.” Cynthia said defensively.

He looked down to avoid her gaze and did not answer. She then turned to the rest and said “We will wait until the time is right, then take her as our own.”

Lightning struck in the distance once again.

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