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Another cut scene

Here is another cut scene. The other prolouge infact. I adore this scene as it was my inital inspiration, at least for the tone the novel would take. I knew the story before I wrote this but I didn't know Taylor very well and I didn't really know for sure where this book would lead. Once I wrote this scene it all seemed clear.

It was also one of the first things I had ever written. This I'd still consider one of my favorites.

The sky was abnormally dark.
It was night and even the moon hid its face beneath the black clouds above leaving no light. It was as if an abyss covered the world, or at least Taylor’s world.
          This suited Taylor just fine, the sky matched the way she felt. Dark and hopeless; angry and unrelinquishing. Although it only fueled her hate further.
          She was alone, standing in the middle of an old country road. Her suede jacket billowed in the wind threatening to rip from her body but she made no effort to stop it. Her T-shirt and jeans also rippled with the wind but it was nothing compared to the ravaging way her red hair was tangling with fury around her. Taylor let out an angry scream that echoed off the nearby trees.
          The trees to her left swayed angrily in compliance and the corn field to her right cowered away from her. The longer Taylor stood there the more her emotions welled up inside of her, threatening to overcome her. When she couldn’t take it any longer she turned around and walked out towards the black Celica behind her. She rolled down all of the windows as she sat down and closed the door, she wanted to feel the wind.
          Her hand quickly reached for the keys and started the car. She took one deep breath, put the car in gear and pushed the gas, hard.
            The tires squealed and smoked behind her and she began flying down the empty road. The engine got louder and louder until she shifted to second, then to third, fourth, fifth.  There was no hesitation, no reluctance, no fear, even has she reached 60 mph, 70, 80. The wind rippled through the car blowing papers all around, her hair blowing harder than ever. It was nearly impossible for her to see where she was going but she never slowed, never even one thought of doubt crossed her mind. Her anger and determination fueled her and she would not let go, no matter the cost.
          There was something at the end of the road, something she needed to see, to know, to understand. She would accomplish this, even if it killed her.
          The miles blew by her, she blew through a stop sign but didn’t care in fact she barely even noticed, she just kept her foot firmly on the gas petal.

          Then she saw it, what she had been looking for all along. The car spun out of control sliding into the unknown, she was no longer in control but still she had no fear what so ever. She was ready for what she would find.

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