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Know yourself

One thing I've learned recently is you have to know yourself. Understand yourself. In writing, editing, or anything else in life. If you push yourself in the wrong ways, you won't achieve your goals.

People all learn differently, they think differently, they react differently. So if you want to push yourself and grow, you need to know how you operate. Learn yourself. Even if it's different.

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I am working on a fantasy romance novel. I really want to finish it, but I have a shiny new idea I really want to start too. I made a goal for myself to write 2,000 words a day until I finish, so I can move on. I haven't written 2k any one day since (about two weeks). Why?

Because its not how I work. Ever. I'm not a slow and steady person. I'm a relax, do my own thing one minute, then kick my butt the next, person. I'm an incredibly hard worker, but I need my down time too. It's true for writing as well. Sometimes I need a break. I can write 10,000 words in one day if I take care of myself. Instead of constantly thinking of the same thing, little by little, I work better if I get breaks then push out the rest.

I'm also an incredibly talented procrastinator (that might be the reason for the way I work. I'm used to having to push out the work at the last minute). I know I need to discipline myself. BUT that doesn't mean I need to form myself into something I'm not. I don't need to learn to write 2k a day everyday like some other writers (though I will admit getting into a habit of writing often, no matter what it is, is important. But don't push and write something you don't want to just because. Write something else if you need to).

I don't need to be like them. I just need to push myself to hit my overall goals.

Remember it's the same for you. Just because some professional tells you to do this, you need to do that etc etc, doesn't mean you do. What works for them doesn't have to work for you. Write on a regular basis, and hit your goals, that's what's important. But what those goals are is completely up to you. You don't need to be what others expect, just be yourself. But most of all be your best!


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