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What do you think about prostitutes?

Most people look down on prostitution. It's a disgrace. Disgusting. And the girls are the ones who are seen as the bad guys.

But what if those girls were just that-- girls. There are thousands of teenage girls working the streets in the united states. And by teens I mean 11- 16 years old. In fact, thousands may be an under exaggeration. It's an epidemic that is just now beginning to get police and government attention and no one really knows just how many there actually are on the streets.

Many of these girls are abused, sexually, emotionally, before they ever turn a single trick. Their pimps are nice to them, they tell them they are pretty and give them presents. What 11-13 year old girl-- lost, alone and scared-- wouldn't love that? What girl wouldn't do whatever he asked of her? She's confused. And he's the only one she has. The only one that cares.

After years of doing sexual favors to strangers for her pimp, what if the girl wanted out?  The pimps find ways of controlling them. The girls often have no where to go, they are literally abused-- beaten into believing they can't leave. Often times their families, if they have them, are threatened.

So what if one of these girls kills him. Kills her pimp. And what if she's 16, now able to be charged as an adult. Does she deserve life in prison without parole?

Meet Sarah. This is her story.

A 33 year old man, know as GG, had sex with her when she was 13, then made her become a prostitute. He got all the money. When she was 16 she killed him. Now she will spend the rest of her life in prison. She will never get out. Ever. See her story here, and sign the petition to get her sentence lightened.

P.s. I am no expert on all of this. But I have been doing research on this subject because I plan on writing a novel about a girl like this.  I've been reading a book called "Somebodies daughter", find it here --

 Also I don't know a ton of specifics about this girl in particular, I don't know if her pimp hit her, or forced her to do anything, but it was abuse with or with out bruises. And I strongly believe that if you are 13 when the abuse starts, at 16 you can't be considered an adult. There is physcological/emotional abuse here just as much as physical.

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  1. What a thought provoking post. This is so sad. I agree a 16 year old that has been in that situation since she was only 13, has been robbed of a childhood and the opportunity to learn how to deal with adult issues. She should not be prosecuted as an adult.

  2. The question should be what do you think of the men...of course, I can't post that opinion here.
    But these young girls need help, not prison. The college girl who becomes a high class call girl out of choice -- a different story. These young abused girls such a different story.

  3. Hi Stacey, That would be an interesting story! I joined you blog (part of the Follow-Swap Bloghop). Couldn't find a way to message you other than commenting here. Come say hi at A Nest Of Words if you get a chance :)

  4. Awareness is the first step right? sounds like an interesting read

  5. What a horrible but excellent post. So many people don't know what really goes on inside this world. I've just finished reading government reports about under-age sex trafficking for a book I'm working on, too! Maybe if enough of us get the message out there, things will change.

    New follower!