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Pitch Wars mentor interview: Erica Chapman!

As promised, here is Mentor Interview #2 with the incredible Erica Chapman!

What is your background in publishing (writer, intern, editor etc.) and what will make you a great mentor?

All three! I've been writing for almost 7 years and I've edited at my day jobs, mostly press releases, ad copy etc. I've learned so much from critiquing others' work and getting critiqued myself. I have wonderful CP's who have made me a better editor ;o) I was also an intern for AWESOME literary agent Louise Fury of L. Perkins Agency, and am now an associate editor at equally AWESOME Entangled Publishing! I love helping people, but honestly, anyone can make a great mentor you just have to have the passion and the desire. Experience definitely helps, but you can only get experience by trying. My internship was a fantastic starting point for my editing career.

What genres and sub genres are you most interested in?

I love YA/NA contemporary, thriller, light sci-fi, cyberpunk. Anything quirky, or dark and emotional, with humor. I love when characters start off hating each other then they fall for each other. It's so hard to pick. If you're unsure, hit me up. I don't want to miss out!

What is the best way for an author to hook you (as a reader or industry pro)?

In the first page? Start with conflict, but PLEASE let me get to know your character before you put them in that crazy situation that changes their life. This works both as a reader and a pro. I need to be pulled in fast or you will lose me. No info dumps. No large chunks of world building. Give me character and voice!

Are you willing to fight dirty for an author you want?

YES. GAME ON. I love all the #PitchWar er's but, for a MS I want, they may be in for some competition! Although, I have a feeling there will be a ton of great ones, so no need to fight!

As a mentor would you be willing to take on a sub that needs work for if it has potential?

Yes. But only MS's that have been revised at least once.  Please don't sub first drafts! That's a lot of work for the mentors. Make sure it's ready ;o)

What do you value highest: writing, concept or characters?

Dang. I have to choose ONE? That's crazy town. Okay. Characters. But writing is SO close as a second. REALLY close. Like you have to have both. Yeah, okay. So I chose two. LOL #rulebreaker

Name three of the best books you read (in your genre) this year and why did you love them?

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, John Green - Emotionally wrecked me. I love when that happens. His writing is so sincere and authentic. It just bleeds reality. He's amazing.
SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL, Trish Doller - Travis has one of the most relatable voices I've ever read. The writing is so perfect for his character.
UNDER THE NEVER SKY, Veronica Rossi - Excellent storytelling. Kept me going the whole time. Loved the dynamic between Aria and Perry.

Anything else you’d like the authors to know?

Contests are fickle. Don't let them shape your opinion of your writing. I know I sound like a broken record (excuse the cliche) but this business is so subjective. What one person loves, another will hate. Same with contests. Believe in yourself! And GOOD LUCK!

Thank you so much for having me here, Stacey!

I still have another interview lined up so stay tuned and don't forget to check out the interview with Fiona Mclaren here!