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Pitch Wars Mentor Interview: Molly Lee!

Interview # 3!! Yay, hope you guys are having fun because I am. I'm sure some of you have already chosen your fabulous potenial mentors, you know early birds and all, but I also know that many of you are stuggling to decide! (can you imagine being a mentor, and having to choose just ONE awesome MS?) Anyway, here is my super-duper invertiew with awesome Molly Lee to help the decision a little more.

What is your background in publishing (ie agented writer, intern, editor etc.)  and what will make you a great mentor?

 I'm a YA author represented by the amazing Brittany Howard of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. I believe I'll have an edge as a mentor because I've gone through the extensive editing process with Brittany on my own YA Paranormal Romance manuscript and have my eyes trained on what to cut and what to enhance in a story.
What genres and sub genres are you most interested in?

 I'm interested in YA Paranormal Romance, YA with Biblical themes, and YA Fantasy (hopefully with romantic elements :)

As a mentor would you be willing to take on a sub that needs work if it has potential?

 Of course! I understand the process of first draft to final draft. It is a long and tiring road that only the strong can complete :) That being said I really hope we don't see any fresh first drafts, because those are usually written just to get the story out and then several rounds of edits need to happen before you have a MS that is ready to submit. I love helping people sharpen their stories into something stronger than they had before so I deff won't shy away from one that needs a little work.

Name three of the best books you read (in your genre) this year and why did you love them?

  Just three? Yikes! Ok, here goes!

EMBRACE and ENTICE by Jessica Shirvington--I just finished reading both of these back to back and fell in love with them because of the tension she creates. The concept in itself is fantastic but the romantic and suspenseful tension she amps up throughout the pages had me hooked.

BEFORE I WAKE by Rachel Vincent (book 6 in the SOUL SCREAMERS series)--I've been hooked on this series for a long time and book 6 blew me away. I gasped, cried, and laughed all in one chapter! Any author can do that is talented.

THE LAST ECHO by Kimberly Derting--I'm throwing this one in here because Derting is my absolute favorite author. This is book three in THE BODY FINDER SERIES and her characters were put on a tragically difficult path that took my breath away. She has a knack for creating characters that leap off the page and into your heart. :)

What is the best way for an author to hook you?

 I think a great log-line is key. That is a one sentence (usually 45 words) that sums up the reason why your book is so fantastic! I know this sounds daunting but having a strong log-line is like having a secret weapon. Agents don't have a ton of time and if you can hook them from the first sentence, they'll read the rest of your query and hopefully request your MS!

What are you looking for in a great mentoree? What will really stand out to you?

 Someone who is serious about writing and the trials that come with it. We've all heard of the overnight success stories but those are exceptions to the rule. For the majority of us it is a long road to publication and I would like a mentoree who understands that and doesn't let it stop them! Someone who is hungry for a book on the shelf and will stop at nothing until it happens! Even if it means 25+ rounds of revisions or reconstructing plot lines, we've got to do what is best for the story and the characters in it :)

Are you willing to fight dirty for an author you want?

 Oh I can pull out the Buffy moves if need be, but we have such a great group of mentors here! It would be really hard to fight any one of them :)

Anything else you’d like the authors to know?

Don't ever give up! This process takes time and there is always something more to learn and many ways to improve your craft. Never stop reading in the genre you write because it really does enhance your own writing skills. Also, never react to a critique in the same day. Give it a day or two, go back and read it again, and then search for what you can take from it. Some critiques will make your story stronger and some won't. You as the author should have the sense to pick which ones do and don't :) Happy Writing!!!

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