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Other than the typical (but very worthy) things to be thankful for, like family and love and happiness, I am most thankful for one thing in particular:


It comes in many forms and sometimes its not easy to spot. It's that thing that takes the everyday to the next level-- to the extrodinary. It's in the people who give their lives for one thing. Who fight for love, and truth and beauty. The people who aren't content with ordinary.

Passion can be in music, it can be in art or writing (hint hint ;-). But it can also be in decisions, acts. It's in the special olympics, in those who walk for a cure. With people who give food to the hungry, or even just simple kindness. It's even in a sports fan as they cheer on their team and shed tears when their dreams fail.

Passion is a fuel that can change our world for the better, and does everyday.

I try to live my life with passion, and it's something I cherish above all things. I think many of the writers reading this post (and most of you are) will agree with me because that is what makes us writers.  Passion is the reason we get up and pick up a pen. It's the reason we day dream about our stories, our characters that we come to love like real people. The reason we feel the need to share it with the world.

Finger Eleven: One thing.
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  1. I agree. Passion is what drives greatness.

  2. So true. Without passion, life would be boring. I would have never thought to be thankful for passion. This is such a great post. thanks for sharing! <3