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Vacation and a shiney new idea

Hey guys!! So it's been a while, no?

I know, I know, I've been a horrible blogger and it's been like a month since I've posted. But I have a good excuse…. I'm lazy. I'm considering some form of rehab. No, I mean I do sort of have an excuse, I just got back from vacation, YAY! (I mean not yay that I got back, just yay for vacation in general) But, I've also been both a procrastinator and a bit lazy about posting.

Outside of the blogging world, though, I have been working hard on writing and reading. I have one MS out with agents, one almost ready for agents and two more I've been planning and playing with that I want to write ASAP.  (So I'm not totally useless, I swear)

But I took one nice, long, week off. No writing, no Beta reading, no book discussions, no email checking (seriously, I did that guys. I came back to one rejection. And guess what? I DIDN'T DIE). I did read a couple books for fun and I did come back with a shiney new idea I want to write—like now. Which, yes, means I now have THREE books I want to write. RIGHT NOW.

So, anyway. Since the Caribbean is what inspired my new idea, I thought I'd take a moment to share. You know, both my vacation and my new idea.

These pictures are all from The Virgin Islands (mostly St. Thomas, a couple of St. Martin) which is rumored to have played host to the infamous Black Beard (who, despite his not as cool spot in the news Pirates of the Caribbean, was pretty darn kick ass) Looking at the island, the water, some of the old buildings here, I couldn't help but let my mind wander. I spent a lot of time thinking about what it would really be like to be a pirate, to have sailed those waters before any of it was tamed. 


It also didn't help that we went sailing in a super cool Pirate ship. 


And then went snorkeling with super cool turtles


So yeah. Some of these pictures are a little pointless-- sorry, no sea turtles (that I yet know of) will be in my WIP-- BUT...... 



I'd like to say it's going to be something like a YA Pirates Of The Caribbean mixed with a little A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY. Could be wrong about this, it's still in planning stages, but HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!?!

 And because, they're really cool-- here are some more pictures!

 Oh! And while I was on vacation, dreaming about Pirates, one of my awesome Beta readers/CPs GOT AN AGENT!! YAY. Go congratulate @NaomiLHughes for signing with  @louisefury and of course follow her so we can all eagerly await news about her novel in all it's snarky, unicorn riding awesomeness.

OH!! (again) And I need recs. Both historical and Pirate-y books are welcome. Preferably YA, but if it's a must read, send it my way anyway. Either in the comments or on twitter is cool (@Trombolii)


  1. Wow. Looks like a fabulous holiday in a beautiful location. A pirate story eh? Sounds fun!

  2. Oh wow, love this idea! PIRATES = YAY.

    New follower just hopping over from CPSeek!

    As far as recs go, hmmm... one thing I've read that feels slightly piratey (but isn't really, but is still awesome) is Airborn, by Kenneth Oppel. I'm racking my brain trying to think of other books, but I can't. Which means you definitely need to write one!!