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This week I was attempting to write a non-professional bio for a new blog I'm starting up (more info on that soon) and during my first attempt this is what came out. Too long of course, but I like it.

This is how I came to be a reader and then a writer.

This is my story
 (one of them!)

I hated school growing up. Not that I wasn't good at it, I just didn't care. I was so stubborn I hated doing anything someone else wanted me to. That included reading. Up until high school I hardly read at all. One day I thought "Hmm, maybe I'll try actually reading one of the books I write a report on." (Yeah, I was one of those kids) So I picked up The Lord of the Rings and… I LOVED IT! From the day I finished that first book I was a reader. Took me a while to get into reading consistently because I was very picky, but I realized a shocking truth: "Dude! Reading is FUN!"

I read a bit, but not a lot, after that. I liked classics like Tom Sawyer, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. But the books we're still few and far between. I had yet to discover the true magic of an amazing story. When I was 20 I tried something I'd never really considered before—Harry Potter. My family was very religious and even though my father never told me not to, Harry Potter was just something I didn't bother pushing the envelope for (I'd rather fight about watching scary movies than a book about a wizard). But the movies we're decent so…

Holy wow. Harry Potter changed my life.

I read the entire series in a month and that was when I decided to be a writer, because I couldn't let Harry or his wizarding world go. I wanted my own story, characters, world. All of it. I wanted to create something that incredible.

One week later I came up with the idea for my first ever novel, a YA fantasy about creepy race of beings who live in the woods and cause disasters to the world. It's been five years and I'm still writing. I have three completed novels, 2 YA and 1 MG. And no desire to grow up.


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