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Drafting is one of those things that's easier said than done (who knew? Writing a book is supposed to be easy, right? ;-) 

What I mean by that is-I tell myself I'm going to FINISH THE BOOK all the time. All summer I've had two books begging me to be written (and 2 more waiting their turn in the back of my head), and all summer I've been saying "by the end of this month I'll have..." most of the time I don't finish those goals. Now I DID, finally finish the first of the two books. I wrote the last 20k of my Middle Grade WIP during Camp nano. But I pledged to write 30k because I wanted to jump right into my pirate book. 

I didn't. 


I hit my main goal and after that I got lazy. But I REALLY need to write this new book. Because it's awesome. Because I can't wait to query it and publish it and have all of you tell me how amazing it is (because in my head, it IS amazing. Let's hope it lives up to that) 

But first, I have to write it.

 And goodness knows every time I hear an agent or editor say they want pirates! ACK! WHY HAVEN'T I WRITTEN THIS YET. 

So when I came across some tweeps talking about this #WIPmarathon nonsense (I just wanted to use the word nonsense) I perked up. Sounds perfect, I'll have set goals and people I'm accountable to (I NEED that, guys. I'm such a procrastinator and I can not be trusted to trust myself) So I'm doing it. Once a week I'll post back here with how it's going and hang around some other writers also drafting or revising on twitter (check it out: #WIPmarathon or here for the info post So here is my intro post answers.

Marathon Goal: 30k. It won't finish the novel but it will get me well on my way.

Stage of writing: First draft of my 4th novel! I have 7k written as of now, so I'll post my month word count as well as my total word count.

What inspired my current project: I wrote a post, back in the day about being inspired to write it, find that here (along with pretty Caribbean pictures). It's a YA historical romance with paranormal elements (or something). I like to think of it as The Luxe meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Because I'm obsessive I wrote a short pitch for it already so here is that: 

Stolen from her not-quite-wanted high society life, Whitely is thrust into a pirate feud where she's the bargaining chip. Bluff is her only ally on the high seas, but Whitely knows well—never trust a pirate. 

What might slow down my marathon goal:  My current mental state. Been a rough week or so, nothing really bad just.... bleh. I need to get back into the swing of things. I'm tired and cranky, so hopefully a good night sleep tonight will help and it won't stop me from committing to this awesome story!


  1. I haven't read The Luxe, but I love Pirates of the Caribbean! This sounds awesome. Best of luck making the commitment next month!

  2. Thanks! Luxe is historical YA set in 19th century NYC. And Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorites EVER! So this will definitely be fun :)

  3. Living on a Caribbean Island myself, I'm happy you got inspired from here!
    And I love feuds and bargains! AND PIRATES.

    All the best with your goals :)

  4. This sounds really cool! I'm participating, too:

    Good luck with your goals! :)

  5. Ah pirates! There aren't enough books about pirates! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  6. Ummm...obsessed already!? Pirates! Love it! Good luck with your 30k goal--you got this!

  7. 30k is a good goal! And you cannot go wrong with pirates! good luck! :D

  8. So...of course it's amazing. Lol. The pitch sounds good. I wish I was good at pitches.

    Anywho. Good luck, and see you around!

  9. Love your pitch! Good luck! Pirates have such appeal!

  10. I'm well into the pirates too! My WIP has Somali pirates in it. Don't let life bring you down, writing is a great way to escape it all, even if only for a thousand words or so. See you at the next check-in!

  11. Yo-Ho! I love me some pirates! I hope you are feeling better + good luck meeting your goal!