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I Can Be Better

There's something I've noticed, while watching and reading interviews about the NFL- it's very rare to see someone put all the blame on one person. A phrase I've seen quite often is:

 "I can be better at____"


"I can do better at _____"

I can do better. Be better.

I've seen this from coaches, from trainers, and players. Even when things are going well, there's always an air of "This is what I can do to be even better." Of course, there are players who are all "me, me, me" but those are the big time players, the hold out players that have been the star of a team and think they should be given the world (and sometimes are). If we're comparing this to writing (which, I am) those are the NY Times best sellers, the super star authors like Stephen King, Nicolas Sparks, R.L. Stein.  They can get away with being a bit conceded (not saying that ARE, just they CAN be,)

But you, oh reader, are most likely on the outside looking in, or at least looking up to those awesome authors. You want to be like them. How do you do it?

Even in success, think about how you can be better. Even with a good review, look at what they say can be improved on and take a good long look. You signed with an agent? GREAT. Now how can you use this to make you a better writer? You signed a nice contact with a great publisher? AWESOME. Now how can you make your next book even better? You're selling at a good rate? Fantastic! Now how can you push those sales even higher?

Nothing should ever be good enough. You can always be better.

Think about it. The guys I've seen saying "Sure, I've grown a lot this year. But I can improve my knowledge of the game, my versatility, and my leadership." are NFL players. Professionals. They're getting paid BIG BUCKS to do what they do.

Truth: that mentality is often why they made it to a professional level. 

Truth: there is a good chance that if they don't continue to grow, they'll lose what they’ve worked so hard to gain.  Someone else will fight harder than them and take their spot.

Keep working and keep fighting to be the best writer you can possibly be.

I can do better. Be better.

        ~    I can be a better Beta reader. I'm a procrastinator and I put off everything I can.  I'm trying to read beta MSs faster.

       ~    I can improve my plotting and my revision knowledge.  

After this, I'll find something new to improve on.