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WIP marathon update

Hey WIPmarathon-ers!

I added a new goal to my #WIPmarathon. Last month I finished drafting my MG fantasy Darcy Darkling and The Forgotten City and I decided I want to do my first pass of revisions so I can send to Beta's. This means I wrote less than I should have, but my writing goal was modest enough to allow a week break. I plan on having it in Beta's hands by Monday so I'll be back into drafting then.

Word count when I started #WIPmarathon: 8,000 (ish)
Current Word Count: 11,567
Words written during #WIPmarathon: 4,224 
Overall goal: 30k

WIP Issues This Week: 
I jumped to a new POV which is tough, plus I'm in a lull spot between major action. I have small scenes planned for this part (mostly romantic angst) but getting my characters lined up for them is tough. I think I might move some of it to later and make this portion shorter than planned.

Oh! And I've been distracted a few times by research. I spent an hour or so deciding which time period to use. I wanted a time with typical pirates, but as modern as I can make it. I had to figure out how late pirates we're around and in what facet. I decided on early 1800s, right after the American Revolution so some of my pirates are past privateers. This time period means there aren't as many pirates around (which is fine for my story) and a lot of the major pirate ports are shut down.

I also spent a while figuring out how long it would take a pirate ship to sail from NC to NY (2-4 days) Some of the little things I'll wait to figure out, but some of them affect the plot so they need fleshing out right away. This pulls from the word count. 

What I Learnt This Week In Writing:

       I learned lot of things about my historical period! One of my favorites was about Port Royal. You might recognize the name from Pirates of The Caribbean, but erase the image of Elizabeth swan and Captain Norington. No, Port Royal was a pirate port, a bit more like Tortuga (which was a legit pirate port as well, they got that part right) It was so bad some call it Sodom and Gomorrah #2. It was sin city. And God straight destroyed it, just like the cities in the Bible. An earth quake and subsequent title wave took out the entire city in 1692, most of which literally sunk into the Ocean. That's AWESOME. :)

Picture is from this site: Read more about it and other cities destroyed in extravagant ways

What distracted me this week while writing:

... I think I've already covered this. :)

Last 200 words:

This is unedited, it needs tweaking so no judgement please :)

I take in a deep breath and think about the future. She'll be safe in New York with her rich future husband, and I'll be free of the curse.
            We're all happy.
            Just two more days, Bluff. Just two more days.
            I crawl into bed with my soft Englishman pants and roll so my back faces her. Moments later, she enters with next to no noise, but I can feel her heat.
            "Thank you," she whispers.
            I'm not sure what she's thanking me for-- saving her, taking her to New York to be with her beloved Jeb, or not seducing her when I have ample opportunity. I don't respond.
            Just two more days.
            Then Simon will lose all his leverage and I can take him down.  I just can't lose the upper hand.
            He expects me to love her, they all do.
            But I won't.
            I won't let myself love her.

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  1. Hi Stacey!

    First of all, just wanted to say how much I love the title of your MG goblin book! Hope I'll get to read it someday. Goblins are awesome.

    The project you're working on now sounds great, too. I enjoyed reading about your historical period and about Port Royal-- I didn't know what a rough place it was. Thanks for teaching me something new this morning ;) And good luck with writing this week!

    1. I am obsessed(!) with Goblins :) And pirates! I'm in a good writing spot, editing Goblins and writing pirates!

      Thanks for the comment and the good luck!

  2. Research can really suck you in. In a way, it's good. If you're really fascinated by your subject matter, that will show in the writing.

    1. Yeah, I'm not a history buff but I really want to get it right. So many movies and books are completely wrong without even realizing it. (so many of our assumptions about pirates are from Treasure Island)Anyway, thanks!

  3. Wow, so much emotion in your excerpt! I feel empathetic already! Thanks for sharing what you learned in your research this week. Very interesting!
    Good luck next week.

    --Amanda Shayne

  4. I am so in love with your excerpt, Stacey! It's great, and I won't waste time in flipping the page. Honestly :)

    Good luck!

  5. This seems like it's going to be interesting. I can imagine all the research that must go into writing a historical piece especially one that involves something technical like sailing! I liked the excerpt as well, good emotion.

    1. Yeah, it takes some work. Before, during and after writing it. But pirate stories are so riddled with false facts, even taking an effort to express the truth will make mine stand out IMO.

      And thanks :)

  6. I like that guy! The voice is really good. :)
    Research always slows me down. I try to make as brief as possible, but those Google runs add up.

    Good luck with this!

    1. It's easy to get wrapped up, clicking more and more links.

      And thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

  7. Fascinating research! Your extract is fantastic. Really tender, but with lots of tension too. Love it!

  8. Love historical fiction! Can't wait to read more.

  9. Research can be time-consuming, but it's so necessary, especially when you're writing historical fiction. Your WIP sounds really interesting! I do like pirates, though. Also, love the sound of your MG book!

  10. I always feel like research is self-enrichment, no matter how much you actually use. Great start to the marathon. Keep chuggin!

  11. I LOVE reading about this point in history--your excerpt is sso intriguing!