Why I love Taylor Swift: An Anti Insta-Love post

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Taylor Swift is not just another celebrity. Sure, she's beautiful, her fans adore her and she sings lots of bubbly pop songs. On the outside she looks just like any other spoiled young celebrity pop star.

But she's not.  Truth is, I could talk a while about all the great things about Taylor. I mean, this girl spent hours buying and wrapping personal gifts to some of her fans with hand written notes. HOW COOL IS THAT? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3yyF31jbKo )

But really, that's still not why I love the girl. This is why I love her:


For as amazing as Taylor Swift is, people certainly seem to love spreading hate as much and as often as they can. And almost every instance of that public hate, all those rumors that follow her... the ONE THING people seems to really stick on about Taylor Swift, is:


But why is that such a big deal? Because honestly that's one of the things I love most about her.

1) her songs are honest and from the heart

         They might be about her celebrity boyfriends, or the people who give her a hard time, but they are real. Every. single. one. And they are relatable.

Someone once claimed that Taylor was the "voice of a generation" and I really think that's true.  She sings for young people. She sings for me. She tells us that's it's okay to not be loved by everyone. It's okay to not be perfect.

2) She's a great role model

          She's hugely famous and successful but she never fell off the deep end. She hasn't fallen in the trap that so many girls before, and after her, have fallen into. She's no Miley Cyrus, or Amanda Bines, or Brittany Spears, or Olsen twins. "BUT ALL THE BOYFRIENDS?!" you say. How can she be a good role model when all she does is date around? To that I say: That's exactly WHY she's a good role model, or at least part of it.

In a world where Insta-love runs rampant in the media, Taylor shows us that true love doesn't always come easy. 

Not everyone marries their high school sweethearts. A break up isn't the end of the world. It's okay to be upset or angry. It's even okay to express that anger.

All your boyfriends will not be Edward Cullen (and you probably don't want them to be)

You are more than your relationships.