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Editing Service Now Open!

I'm starting up a small freelance editing service. I'll be focused mostly on big picture edits and helping you grow as a writer. These packages will be best for querying writers, looking for an agent or a small press deal or a newer writer who's looking to self publish but wants to make sure they're on the right track/can hook readers. I'm not going to be the best choice if you're looking for a line editor.

I will only work on YA or MG works. Why? Because that's what I know best.

 I have two packages:

 1) Quickie
200$ for anything under 75,000 words
250$ for 75,000 words and up
(These prices can change at any time. Book now to guarantee this price)

 This package includes a quick big picture read through, inline comments and an edit letter.

Things my edits will look for:

-Plot/structure issues
-Hooking the reader from the start
-Natural Dialog
-Character development
-Building conflict and making the most of every plot twist
-I'll point out some basic writing problems like crutch words and showing versus telling and places that just need work in general (we all have lazy spots we just miss during edits)
 ** (voice is mostly up to you as a writer, but I can point out the places that fall flat, and give advice on how to stretch out that personality. Voice is subjective so I will not be telling you if your voice is "bad" (and believe me you wouldn't want me to.) What I might dislike an agent/editor may love. But rather, I'll help to stretch what you already have)

This is a one time read through with an edit letter.

Turnaround time: You'll have your round one edits from me within two weeks of your scheduled edit, assuming I receive your manuscript. (I will confirm receipt.)

2) The Mentorship
450$ flat fee
(Prices can change at any time. Book now to guarantee this price)

This is a full on mentorship where I'll do everything I can to help you get publishing ready. It will include everything you get in the Quickie plus:

- A second read through once you've implemented my first round comments. I'll tell you if your fixes did their job, or if you didn't do enough or how we can take it the next step. I'll also go a little deeper into line edits and check to make sure your writing is as strong as it can be. By the end of this second edit I hope to have you query ready!
-I'll also work with you to fix your query, synopsis and pitch (if you want), even work on getting that first chapter at hooky as possible. We want you to be getting requests!
-I'll answer ALL the questions. Any questions you have about the industry, advice and even brainstorming. I'll do my best to help you or point you in the right direction. This will be an open dialog for at least two weeks after I send you back the second pass edits. I'll likely still be willing to help how I can after that point but I can't promise I'll be able to answer all the questions forever.

Timeline: You'll have your round one edits from me within two weeks of your scheduled edit, assuming I receive your manuscript (I will confirm receipt). You'll then have all the time you need to reviews the edits and make changes. In the mean time, I will work on your query, synopsis and pitch. There may be several rounds of edits on these. You will resend the newly edited manuscript whenever you feel comfortable. The goal will be to get you the second round edits within two weeks of receipt. I will do my best to make that happen, but in the case that I get more than one round two edit back at the same time it will be first come first serve. I will keep you updated. If this ever starts becoming an issue I may begin scheduling round two edits as well.

Yes! you can choose the Quickie first then pay the difference for the Mentorship if you like your edits/want another round.

Payments are accepted via paypal. I'll send an invoice once edit is scheduled. I'll need to have received payments before I send you any edits.

Interested? Shoot me an email to schedule a time or ask any questions. SPTrombley88 (at) aol (dot) com

A few notes about my edits:
 My goal is to help you, that's #1, but I cannot guarantee you'll get an agent or a publishing deal after my edits. I will simply do my best to get you there. Publishing is subjective and always changing and I cannot control the market.

Any publishing advice may be subjective and there may be times that I suggest getting more than one opinion before you make any choices.

Any and all of my notes are suggestions, not orders. Feel free to disagree. Also, feel free to tell me you disagree, or ask more questions. I like giving options, and I always tell you if a suggestion is mostly based on opinion. I'm also a big fan of breaking rules for the sake of style and voice so you should go in feeling comfortable even if you have a writing style that is a little "different". 

These edits shouldn't stand in place of beta readers and CPs. Why? Because having more than one view of a manuscript is invaluable. No one is 100% correct, even publishers. So having more than one set of eyes on every story is always important.


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