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Today is the day! My book is officially out there, in the wild somewhere, where anyone and everyone can read it. Which is pretty absolutely insane.

So what does an author do on the day of their very first book release? It's pretty exciting stuff. I'll lay it out for you.

Step 1: Wake up at 5 am to read the blogger tweets.

Step 2: Eat Poptarts and Dr. Pepper for breakfast and realize your life is basically exactly the same as yesterday

Step 3: continue to obsess over twitter and facebook and try desperately to figure out how to run a boosted facebook post, and wonder if it's really worth it.

Step 4: Try to record a Vlog and fail epically (there was no sound on my camera, apparently)

Step 5: Try again and realize you're a complete loser and you're going to need to do some full on editing before anyone with a heartbeat sees the footage.

Step 6: Go to the book store and hope to see your book sitting on those magical wooden shelves.

Step 7: celebretory lunch with hubby and baby.


Step 9: stalk twitter and goodreads some more.

Step 10: .... watch a movie or something?

Step 11: go to bed and end one of the most importantly anticlimactic days of your life.

As of today, I am a published author. No matter how anticlimactic, that's pretty cool.