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Pitch Wars Editing Special!

Hey guys! Pitch Wars is just around the corner so it's time to get your manuscripts in shape! I'm doing a super cool special on my critiques for the next month or two so you can be as ready as possible to enter Pitch Wars!

A full manuscript critique (one read) AND a query package critique-- 150$
(Yes, you get both with this special!)

The details:

Up to 120,000 words (we can chat about price if your MS is longer)

YA or MG, any genre (I'm not as familiar with adult so I wouldn't be the best to critique it)

The manuscript critique will get you a full edit letter with suggested changes, big and small, and how to fix common issues. Common notes include market issues, showing instead of telling, adding detail, adding emotion, making dialog more realistic, filter words, plot structure, upping conflict-- especially in the beginning. I will also make notes throughout the MS pointing out specific places that need work and mistakes as I see them (While I will point out the occasional typos or punctuation issues, I do line edits, not copy edits. See the difference here: )

Query package: your query and first chapter needs to be perfect when querying and when submitting to Pitch Wars. I'll do everything I can to help you get it there. This may mean multiple critiques on your query package--yes that means I'll read it more than once and see if you aced the revision and give more feedback if necessary.

The critique is to get you as close to publishing ready so that you can find an agent. I'm doing this as a promotion for Pitch Wars, as I know many authors are taking this time to really get ready for this fantastic contest. Even if you don't plan on entering, you can take advantage of the special.

I cannot guarantee that you will be chosen by a mentor during Pitch Wars, or signed by an agent, no matter what. I will do my absolute best to give you feedback to get you as close as possible. Sometimes it just takes time, and sometimes it's just about connecting with the right person (it's so subjective). I want to help but there are never any guarantees (just like signing with an agent does not mean a book deal.)

(Note: If I critique your MS, I will not pick you as a mentee to avoid any conflict of interests. But don't worry, there are a TON of awesome mentors to choose from so you will not be missing out.)

If interested email me at to schedule a critique. My turnaround is two weeks and I'll schedule based on a first come first serve basis.


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