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Always, Always, Always A Bridesmaid-- Why I'm Entering Pitch Wars

Hey guys! I write YA and MG— contemporary, fantasy and anything in between. I have two books published with Entangled Teen but I’ve never, ever had an agent.

I’ve also been a Mentor in Pitch Wars for the last four years.

It’s strange to help authors get agents when you’ve never had one, though I know there are several mentors in that same boat and it’s not a bad thing! I’ve been very successful at doing such. Every one of my full mentees have signed agents with their PW book, two of them went on to sell their books to big publishers-- very quickly! That’s a pretty good track record!

I’ve also queried four books, and have never received an offer of representation.

Writing is so full of ups and downs, and sometimes we could use some help. Everyone has their faults—things they’re good at and things they’re not. It’s my belief that any writer could benefit from a mentor. In fact, a lot of writers have them—they call them agents.

Not all agents are super editorial, but even if they’re not they can help guide you in what is in your best interest to write and how to manage a career. An agent is a cheerleader, a teacher, a guide and an open door to places you wouldn’t otherwise have access. A mentor is different, but similar, at least when looking at it from this angle. They’re a friend, a teacher, an advocate, a loving and guiding hand-- someone who unequivocally believes in you.

 Those are things I don’t have, nor have I ever. Those are things I’d kill to have (okay, not literally.)

Which is why I’m entering Pitch Wars this year as a hopeful mentee, instead of mentor.

I don’t know if I’ll be picked. I assume some people will suspect it’ll be easier for me to be chosen because of my background—I think it’ll be the opposite. I’ll be specifically choosing mentors who I have never interacted with, which greatly limits my choices. There are several reasons a mentor wouldn’t want to choose someone who’s mentored in the past, or published already etc.  We’ll see. It’s worth a shot anyway.

The book I’m entering has also already been queried. Not insanely widely… but it’s been out there. Still no offers. I still believe in this book, and think it could benefit in having a mentor. I believe it can be made much stronger than it is now.  If I don’t get a mentor… I’ll be looking into other options beside agents.

But I still want the chance. So I’m going for it.


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