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Betrothed, Betrayed
But Never Broken

Princess Akira must marry the most cruel prince her world has ever seen. The kind of cruel that kills for sport, and tortures for joy.


The malevolent prince is the last being alive with the magic needed to defend against the void pressing in on her kingdom. Without this alliance, her kingdom will be wiped from the map, and cease to exist.

His mate will be his only weakness, and so the prince desires a weak and submissive bride. Akira will play the role of the blushing bride, too afraid to stand up for herself, even against his most cruel treatment. The prince must never see her confidence and determination, or her head will decorate the palace lawn.

All eyes are on princess Akira, and none more sharp than the royal assassin, known only as The Sovereign’s Blade. He is just as dark and cruel as his master, except he sees too much. He notices her every blunder, every moment her mask slips and reveals the strong soul beneath the act of fearful submission.

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