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Torment or not--
I'll find the devil &
make him pay


Everyone at Shadow Hills Academy desires the dark and powerful Jarron Blackthorn. But I’m the only one who has seen the terrifying beast beneath his magical façade. 


So when my sister is murdered, and the case mysteriously dropped,I begin my own investigation at Shadow Hills Academy, an elite school for supernaturals. Technically, I have zero magic, but just enough skills with potions to be accepted. Now I have the means to get close to the most likely culprits—powerful people like my former best-friend, the demon prince Jarron.


But I'm shocked when he reacts to news of my sister’s death with a fierce determination for vengeance. He has an insane plan to help me get access to Elite Hall, where all the most powerful students reside—by pretending to date me.


Hang on the arm of Jarron Blackthorn, the heir of the Under World, and everyone in school will be so desperate for my friendship they’ll spill their darkest secrets.


I just have to make sure Jarron never learns he is my number one suspect.

Series Now Complete

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