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I am a fae countess, banished to the human world—my punishment for killing a fae prince in my youth. But when a wraith from my homeland hunts me down and gives me a surprising proposition—well it’s too tempting an offer to resist.


The fae world is in peril, and the queen is seeking a champion to save them from a demented plague. Only one soul can enter the schorchlands and return with the cure.


So first, a trial will be held between the most infamous fae in the land. One champion will be chosen to enter the land of betrayers and evil magic. It's a punishment veiled as reward, but it comes along with some major perks, like riches, fame and honor and a full pardon—if I win. 


I am ready to fight to the death in order to win this ruthless game, until I learn Reveln—the fae prince whose brother I killed—is one of my opponents. Rev hates me, and he will do anything to make sure his brother’s "murderer" doesn’t win the right of champion. And worst of all? He’s mouth-wateringly hot.


Only one of us can win, and I have nothing to lose.