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As a convicted assassin, I’ve been banished from the fae realm for years. But now I’m offered the chance to compete in a ruthless competition. If I win, I’ll earn a full pardon.

The only thing standing between me and freedom is eleven blood thirsty fae. Piece of cake, right? But honestly, I can handle a few bullies and death-defying challenges. The thing that will keep me up at night is having to face the prince whose brother I killed. The destiny that was ripped from me. 

But I’ll find a new destiny—by winning the Trial of Thorns.

The whole realm thinks I’m weak but I’m stronger than they could ever imagine. By the time this is through—I’ll bring them all to their knees.

My fated mate is a fae prince
who has vowed to kill me

              I’m obsessed with this series!! I love the unique twist to this star-cross lovers fated mates!

              Filled with Fae magic and intriguing characters, this is one of the best books I’ve read this year. 

               I went in with high expectations, but somehow still underestimated how gripping this story was going to be.- Karen, Amazon Reviewer