Welcome to the Trial of Thorns

I am Caelynn of the Shadow Court, a countess banished to the human realm for killing a fae prince a decade ago.  But when I get the chance to fight for a full pardon—I'll face every regret and lost hope to earn it.

For the first time in years I am allowed to enter the world of wild magic to compete in this ruthless completion. But the hardest part of the trials won't be the shadow-wyverns or mind twisting mazes. It'll be facing those I've betrayed.

Especially Rev—the sexy Luminescent Court prince who hates me.

Only one of us can win, and Rev will do everything in his power to make sure I don’t make it out of the trials alive.

Because ten years ago, I killed his brother.

And Reveln never forgets.

The trials changed everything

Before the trials I was Rev, the beloved prince of the Luminescent Court. Now I'm a bastard hiding in plain sight, not even sure I'm worthy of my title as prince. 

Before the trials, Caelynn of the Shadow Court was my sworn enemy. But now that I know why I'm so drawn to her, she terrifies me more than she ever could as an enemy.  Our new and intense friendship makes her all the more dangerous.

This time, it's the Schorchedland's turn to spill blood and expose terrible secrets.

Only one of us can enter through the cursed walls and return with the cure that will save the realm, but there are assassins out for both of our heads, and their reach doesn't stop once we pass the gates to the fae-hell. 

It will take both of us to complete this impossible task. And that beautiful shadow fae I'd once sworn to kill? She'll sacrifice anything to save me.

Even herself. 

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