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Continue Whitley & Bluff's story!

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—both from the sea and from inside Whitley’s own mind.

Her memories are fading. Her siren instincts are rising. And when tragedy strikes, she flees from the Freedominto the sea. 


Whitley lands back in New York City, with only a few flashes of memory and her siren instincts to guide her. She steps back into high society, only this time with power she isn’t afraid to use. She’ll find her revenge on any man that ever tried to control her. 


Until a pirate shows up, singing a song to her heart. Somehow, he’s important, she just doesn’t understand how. But he’s also brought with him a whole host of new problems. Violent pirates, city mobsters and sirens are closing in, each seeking a way  to devour her body and soul.


Whitley will have to uncover the truth behind her lost memories and unlock the full extent of her dangerous powers. All without losing the pirate who fate chose for her. 

The sirens are coming

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